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update 5

2017-05-29 06:49:21 by SentryTurbo

im sick

its nothing too bad, my throat just hurts and i have high temperature

yeah well too bad, my throat hurts like fuck and my temperature was 39 at some point, head was fuzzy and hurt sometimes,but now im pretty ok

i settled on my mom's shit laptop for now

thankfully throat doesnt hurt as much as it did before

and i managed to make a test.

holy fuck is it hard to animate on a bed with a laptop, if somebody does that and still manages to do good, you da real mvp

anyways, here it is


ok good booboo kaka wiener pants i will go die now

he is angry

2017-05-22 13:47:08 by SentryTurbo

5241545_149547521282_angery.pngholy fuck, salsa is anggrryyyyyyyyyyyyy


omg he call me wow ok that is offense to borderican descent

if hugh mungus wont answer to this poo poo kaka wienerpants post i will kill myself



sorry for autism this was a horrible attempt at making some sort of fun of the drama i hope i didnt offend the partakers of it.

and sorry to sean for this stupid shit. i just wanted to be funy and random haha xddddd lol !!!!!!! 

i wanna die


here have some tests (sprites by djjaner) (a bit loud, might wanna make it a bit quieter) ( sprites by dudingdarn, im actually proud of this)


so yeah, im lazy as fuck now and i dont animate as much as i did before so my content will become worse.


2017-05-11 13:39:24 by SentryTurbo

i have a twitch channel now


update 3

2017-05-09 09:10:33 by SentryTurbo

uh... im alive i guess

a collab which im in

2017-05-03 08:08:35 by SentryTurbo

very god yes

my parts sucked dick

i took a little break from animating and came back

hope to make more shit

thanks for reading



update 2 (+some tests)

2017-04-09 04:54:45 by SentryTurbo

haha, i pranked you hard, xd.


oh wait its not april first anymore.


anyway, here are some pretty shitty tests for your viewing pleasure.  <--- it was for sort of a challenge between me, dasker, icreeper, kryy and spots(xd)



das pretty much it, ty for reading


2017-04-07 16:56:20 by SentryTurbo

my animations suck






2017-03-15 05:42:58 by SentryTurbo


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