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Hello, everyman. It's been a decent minute since I last informed you all on what's been going on. Here are some interesting tidbits:

Madness Day

I have made some small, but sweet contributions this year, no real magnum-opuses, but still I think I've made some enjoyable things. First off, we have madness angerness, which is my greatest project yet. Think of it as a remastered version of a movie I was making about 7 years ago.

Second, Project: Enmeshed. I was recruited by KiwiWii to help her out on her cool Madness visual novel. She was making a trailer and she needed music, so that's what I made. Check it out if you're interested.

Third, EXHAUSTED. Buran messaged me one evening saying that he needed music for a tiny madness day movie, so I've contributed a bit to the cause.

I'd like to share some thoughts about this year's madness day. I think it's pretty great and I'm happy to see that people are still creating great projects and grinding away at making great things, but I can't help but feel like people might've gotten a bit TOO good at animating. Let me explain, I was feeling quite open-minded so I decided to check out some of the collabs coming out this year. I couldn't sit through most of them without skipping forward. Genuinely, I don't mean to be an ass or to downplay the immense amount of effort everyone has put into their work, but so many of the clips that I see are sooo bland and uninteresting it's not even funny. And the strangest part is that a lot of them are very well animated, like, smooth as butter. I feel like Madness has reached a point where just being good at animating can't carry an animation anymore. A lot of clips feel like the most base-line shit ever, like the most basic madness formula you could imagine - "guy walk into room, shoot guys and leave" It would be kind of great if maybe the clips or collabs could have a unique setting to it or something more to it than just shooting shit and leaving, but maybe I'm asking for too much, since I know how hard it is to commit to a project like that. I know for certain I won't ever animate anything like that.

Regenesis EP

Regenesis is the album I've wanted to make for a while. It's sort of a throwback to my older styles and I suppose you could call it a "return of SentryTurbo"

Yep, you heard that right, SentryTurbo is coming back, but not in a way you'd expect. I've noticed my music can greatly differ in terms of mood, atmosphere and genre so I decided to fix that by bringing back the name SentryTurbo. Think of it this way, vlowoid will be a hub for more personal and gloomy, atmospheric music whereas SentryTurbo will be a place for electronic bombastic music you're all very acquainted with.

Fog of Life: Expeditionist and the consequences of the Unity De-evolution

Fog of Life: Expeditionist is my latest long-term project that I've been working on. It's a spin-off of my game series Fog of Life, with it's own different gameplay style. The unfortunate fact is that I've been using Unity to develop the game and that the game might be a bit too ambitious for me to handle, once again. So, before the whole Unity shitstorm happened, I downsized the game from being an FPS to a top-down action shooter. And low and behold, we all know what happened afterwards. Safe to say, I'm very open-minded to switching to Godot and I've been tinkering around with it for a little bit, and I like it. This means that It'll take way longer to make the game.


It's been a while since I've shared any personal news. I am now a student, studying computer science in a university. It's been pretty okay so far and I think I've got a decent footing now on how things work and what I should be doing. The main takeaway from this is that I'll more than likely be way less active in terms of work relating to my creative projects. I just hope you people understand why things are starting to slow down so much, mixed in with an awful depression that keeps coming back in a loop over and over again and there being some pretty bad burnout sometimes. But don't fret, I'm trying my bestest to do at least something every now and then, just that it's taken a bit of a backseat. It's also my 20th birthday today.

no one cares ok thank you i look like a broken cartwheel and smell like molten uranium


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