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hey friendz how's it going, i haven't made one of these posts in a long while so i guess i should keep you up on what's happened since

im going to start off with the only thing that people come here for and its MADNESS : have i made anything madness-y? why yes i have, i made one singular clip for a semi-joke collab. that's pretty much it. im going to be completely transparent but i've wanted to say this for quite a long time: madness got boring. To me it all seems like the same thing happening again and again, you know after doing something for about 3-4 years it gets pretty tiring and this is no exception. My creative process for madness is this : guy enters room, shoots 3 guys, maybe picks up gun and leaves room, repeat. That's all it is to me and it's gotten boring. I could change my mindset and think of some other shit to make it a bit more interesting, but honestly, in the end, it's all just a guy going into a room, killing guys and leaving the room. I tried to break out of it with "dead letter day", but I, for some reason, cant help but feel like nobody really cares about story based shit. To conclude this first wall of text, all i can say is this: it got boring, but i still tinker around here and there. Me stopping my madness animation antics isnt a huge loss since there's a lot more other, way better animators who are a lot more creative than my dumbass.

next up, other creative projects. probably the part less people give a shit about, im still making games. Im still developing Harmful Memories and i have started making another FEAR, Cry of Fear and Doom inspired horror shooter game - "Operation: Fear And Destroy."


I have also made an album which has had an ok release,

Lights in Places

having done making this album i can move on to making singles - because nobody really cares about my albums so im just going to make smaller songs and see what sticks rather than spending long times on huge projects that nobody really cares about. It's all fun though so i guess that's really all that matters. Ive also been tinkering around with various random 3d and 2d animation but nothing huge.

like all my previous update posts i end it all off with a life update. well, im not dead! might be disappointing, but yep the truth is fact. our country was hit with a massive corona spike so im spending most time home, which has caused a pretty shit side-effect. the side-effect being a pretty bad mood for most days. its ok though, i've dealt with shit like this before and as sad as it may sound, discord chats and calls n shit keep me from going absolutely insane. school's starting again and it'll keep me busy for at least the morning.


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