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hello everybubby, i noticed that i haven't made a newgrounds post in a while

im sorry to confirm that unfortunately my madness day movie wont be anything special AT ALL, so please don't get your hopes up about it, it's only 50 seconds long and brings pretty much nothing new to the table.

next up: my latest album, seabath, has been received fairly well past this month so i think it's a success even though i got less than half the feedback i managed to get on my 1st album - take me home.

next : i made a track for zapchon's movie as well as a track for wank 0, have done some sound work for wank 0 in terms of sound effects and made a coop part in wank 0 with my friend SM28, and am making another part independently, unfortunately, due to burnout, i am unable to keep myself motivated all the time so its' progress is quite slow at the moment.

nnneeexttt: lots of new tracks for my friend's Mr.Sarge's Terraria Mod, coming soon on Newgrounds and Youtube

nenanenaext: i made a joke-y madness combat tutorial video on youtube, so go check it out :


MORE NEXT INFO STUFF UPDATE YES : i have been experimenting quite a bit with Unity as well as trying to make an asset flip horror videogame, but it's currently on hiatus because i am fucking lazy

more personal info: september is coming soon, this year will change up lots of things in my life because i'll be moving to a new technical school with the Programmer role, i am still not sure how that school works and not sure whether i will have any friends considering my low self esteem and my shitty social skills, but i hope everything will be fine. according to the presentation that's about the school that i had to go through, they're giving out scholarships - aka money for learning well, so that's cool. not only that but soon enough i'll be getting closer to adulthood with my 16th birthday on 27th of september. and later on in the fall season, i'll be going off to a vacation in Greece, so that'll probably be fun.

but i know that nobody out there really gives a shit about your personal life so all i can say is that with time i'll be publishing entertainment for you to process with your eyes and big brains. look out for that and have fun.


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