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2016-08-18 06:03:33 by SentryTurbo

5241545_147151456552_ass.pngSo, remember that i said i would make something big??? Well, here's a cool preview!


2016-08-09 10:10:43 by SentryTurbo

So, guys, this is my second post after over 2 years.

I apoligize for the complete inactivity with no stuff in this shit channel at all.

At first i thought of making this channel to post animations.... and yet i dont do that at all. Well, probably because i was working at it for quite the time and i quit it. Not in the way of quiting animating at all , but quitting the animation i was making for 6 months. It felt really repetetive and boring, as there were like 7 rooms passed with around 2-5 enemies inside in addition of terrible animation.

I still will animate stuff and i hope to release some in atleast after around 1 year. Just dont feel like it at all. The animations will be either in collabs or madness combat.

Oh and have this sexy TEST i made

ooooh and also, im not like 25 at all, i am thirteen, but i dont want to change my birth date as i am lazy af


2014-12-19 14:12:03 by SentryTurbo

My shitty ass animations are about madness combat

Da ende