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Happy early new year

2016-12-31 07:09:47 by SentryTurbo


here's your present

and remember





2016-10-28 03:54:53 by SentryTurbo

Well, after release of the new movie. I am taking a little break from huge projects. Currently i was assigned to 2 whole collabs at once. Wooohoooooo, i haven't been in a collab for quite the while. I remember the first one that i got assigned to - the cooking collab #2. Anyway, the collab parts are looking quite nice, right now i am busy working for the Noob Collab. The test collab can wait, as the test collab needs a bit less effort to begin with.

Oh and about the movie. Well, dasker and creeper said it SUCKED.... Well not quite sucked, but.... still they didn't quite like it, but i respect their opinion as much as the gansters in GTA San Andreas respect CJ. Also, the movie got some really honest and good reviews. So, by that point i think i still have a point to create projects and other shit.

Thanks for reading.

If you sneeze whilst reading, bless you.

Peace out.

New Animation

2016-10-23 08:39:18 by SentryTurbo

Go watch it!




Wasted like straight up 7 hours just to finish this piece of crap....

All my tests.

2016-10-11 11:25:06 by SentryTurbo

Take 'em 

Some of them are old af


Yeah, bye


These are actually all the tests i can show you, throughout all these 2 years of animating madnes, i haven't uploaded anything big, but i have been training.


2016-10-01 15:24:27 by SentryTurbo

What the fuck, why is it already october first?

Is mah birthday

2016-09-27 01:23:18 by SentryTurbo

Now that im one year older, i can go finally keep on making animations






I made some sprites

2016-09-25 09:11:22 by SentryTurbo

What up you flower smelling pieces of happiness?


I made mah own character sproits





NOTE : Give credit if you use these

K bye imma go masturbate to Bozo the space monkey


2016-09-18 04:56:08 by SentryTurbo


I don't have one, can you share?


2016-09-10 11:16:41 by SentryTurbo


Oh my.


2016-08-27 06:04:24 by SentryTurbo



Ah yes, the feet. Possibly the hardest fucking thing to animate.