Madness day! ( very late, I know)

2017-09-24 09:35:45 by SentryTurbo

uh, yea

happy madness day guys and gals

unfortunately I couldn't make anything nor could I announce anything at all due to my recent health problems 

well, long story short, lots of dizziness, puke, nausea and shit

got to a hospital, ate lunch there, puked all of it out, got sent to a private isolated place

not quite the most pleasant madness day, but I guess it lives up to its name

thankfully I have started feeling alit better since then and I can live like a person now

I hope to come back home next week, maybe even finish something up for the holiday

Just about it, goodbye!


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2017-09-24 10:21:08

Wow, thats sad :/
Btw i hope you will be okay! ;)

SentryTurbo responds:

thanks mate!


2017-09-24 10:27:09

im praying for you

SentryTurbo responds:



2017-09-24 13:31:23

Well, you weren't out of luck cause ya got a follow from krank, still hope you get better buddy