Upsetting news.

2017-08-14 15:43:39 by SentryTurbo

Today my computer started updating itself, i didnt mind it at all and let it do its thing.

Little did i know that it would break my fucking pc.

I cannot boot it at all, shows a bsod, even on safe mode.

The startup fixer thing also doesn't work.

I haven't made a system restore too.

Basically, all that is left is reinstalling windows, which requires me to format my hard drive.

So, im fucked.


EDIT : Also, i have to do something. If i don't i will fail to make my Hallucination clip on time and wait until the end of august.


EDIT EDIT : If i DO wait, i can still animate on my mother's laptop, but it is pretty much occupied all the time and i will be forced to rush my part into something short and anticlimactic. AND, it will be harder since i do not have the .fla file of the part. AND, if i format my shit, i will lose everything. Sprite sheets, old tests, projects and such. If i do, i will fucking kill myself.


EDIT EDIT EDIT : There's also another way to live, i have given a .swf file to P3M as a preview, i could ask him to finish it up, but i dont think i should bother him with my shitty problems.


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2017-08-14 15:56:47

Don't worry man, there must be a way to fix it. Try to google your problem or join some facebook pc groups for help, That will sure help you. I got a fucked up situation with my 13 years old pc (really) many times, but everytime i fixed it. Don't worry :)

SentryTurbo responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate the support.


2017-08-14 15:57:23

That fucking sucks, Don't you have a laptop that you can use for now?

SentryTurbo responds:

Yeah, my mother's. I only own a desktop for myself.


2017-08-14 16:01:13

Im using mediafire for my spritez just in case. And about know what they say...idiots are a idiots...

SentryTurbo responds:

Yeah, i guess i am stupid for not making any ''insurance'' you could say.


2017-08-14 16:13:20

Well my dad always said...DO NOT KEEP WINDOWS AUTOUPDATES ON...

SentryTurbo responds:

I think mine has done it too, but i forgot.


2017-08-14 17:21:44

Good thing that Poland is a small,irrelevant and poor country so we cant afford more than 3$ per hour so everything is either cheap or pirated. Like my pc that cost somewhere around 120 buckz and Windows that is pirated aka I dont have updates,sooo Im safe :3 "Even you can learn something from a slob"~Sonic


2017-08-14 17:52:36

That super sucks, hopefully you can find a way to get things back to normal without too muc trouble.
I know how it feels...

SentryTurbo responds:

Thanks, man.


2017-08-14 17:55:25

WTF How do I make more money than you just from cleaning guns and masks on paintball full of German, Russian, Turkish, ect people?


2017-08-14 18:15:47

That happened to me too, and I lost everything xdee
Good luck!

SentryTurbo responds:



2017-08-15 03:21:58

If you can't fix your problem, I will greatly finish that part for you "IF I HAVE THE TIME". Just see if you can fix anything before I start anything.

SentryTurbo responds:

Alright, i will check everything i can do.


2017-08-15 04:29:09

Sad to hear this, Good luck fixing your pc.

SentryTurbo responds:



2017-08-15 16:35:24

Wow, thats bad. I hope you fix it :/

SentryTurbo responds:

i hope to fix it sometime, im settled on the laptop and im hoping to finish my stuff up


2017-08-16 05:51:21

another reason to keep windows on a separate boot drive, aswell as basic backups