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news post

Posted by SentryTurbo - 1 month ago


i haven't made a news post in a very long time.. in fact i've deleted pretty much all of them other than my very first one.

the reasons behind this action differ, i did it mostly because they haven't aged well at all, were embarrassing or just shitty

you've probably noticed that quite a few songs that i've made on this here website have been unpublished as well. the reason why is pretty much identical

seems like the dust has settled and madness day has been over for a few days now.. quite happy with how things have turned out. a lot of cool submissions. the movies were mostly pretty damn good and interesting, just that i felt too many of them ended too soon. as in, a lot of people posted only halves of their magnum opuses and i found it very annoying how they always ended at the most interesting part!! well, at least we have something to look forward to next year. lotsa cool music and art too.

i've made a few things for this year, the most prevalent is the game "madfps 2". other than that i've animated a part for cringehank, did sound effects for cringehank and krxee's movie and also made music for SiN 2, krxee's and buran's movie. pretty decent roster of content to be putting out. i hope you guys liked the stuff i made or contributed.. madfps 2 was my most major project for this year and the work has definitely paid off. so many views, faves and reviews. im a bit sad that i couldn't really make anything anyone could call "perfect", since quite a few people found the game to be shit, but i'm glad the majority found it decent or even great.

unfortunately, this will probably be my last madness day i partake in directly. i probably won't be creating anymore independent projects as i've wanted to move on from madness altogether for quite a while now. you'll probably still see me make some random ass contribution for a movie or collab or something, be it music, sound or animation. but i won't be making anything beyond that.

there are no real major nor exciting news for the future that i can tell, i'll probably be releasing more games and music in the future. i've wanted to make a new album for a while now and put a ton of effort into it so it comes out as good as possible. perhaps even add vocals to it if i feel like it. only time will tell and i hope whatever shit i make, you guys will enjoy.

as per tradition, i am posting this postmortem on my birthday


edit: forgot to mention we hit 1,1k fans on newgrounds.. crazy!


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luv ya


We never got a chance to talk much, but from what we did I will say you will be moving on to great things my friend. It’s a shame to see you go but, every story has an end. Fortunately, yours is just beginning. Madness was only the start for you.

С прошедшим, твоя музыка и так крутая, будь это эмбиент или драм эн басс. У тебя классная музыка, продолжай также усердно!

I'm happy to hear from you. I'll be waiting on that album :)