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Post-Madness day doctor appointment

Posted by SentryTurbo - 1 month ago

I guess it's the right time to make a post like this. I liked this year's MD, lots of movies and potential for more. Obviously, i didn't win anything, but that just aint what this is all about. Our collab, Redeemer 2 Revenger, won 2nd place which was pretty crazy. I made a soundtrack for that and You lot seem to like it quite a bit. Soon enough I'll be releasing it on YouTube and all kinds of other shit. I also made a song for Somewhere in Nevada which people didn't seem to care about as much, but the few people who did, liked it, so there's that.

The teeny tiny movie I made also came out this MD. You seemed to like it too. The plan about it was to make a cinematic and atmospheric movie. I noticed that Madness movies most of the time don't really contain much atmosphere, so I decided to try out something new. I'm happy that people noticed the cinematography and commended it. The story wasn't all too special, but I'm glad I conveyed it well enough for people to understand. It's not special and doesn't have much action, but I guess it's a nice change from all the dumb action going on all the time. I hope you guys enjoyed! Krinkels didn't seem to like it that much and just said "Well, that was something", but I can't blame him. There's a bit of behind the scenes stuff like a storyboard and second pass I might release later on Twitter or something.

There was some drama behind the scenes involving money, as always. I don't care about money all that much. Some people made a huge deal about it which is understandable, but I really didn't want any money. Some people were so generous and nice to the point where they suggested donating to me for the song I made for Redeemer Revenger, but I really didn't want any. Didn't stop Zapchon from buying me Mordhau though lol. Huge thanks to him! It's always so hard to accept gifts like these.

My and Saud's movie is still in progress, it'll come out soon enough. Oh and it's my birthday today, but that's whatever.



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happy birthday глупая задница

Very cool Very cool hapy birthday sentory

Fulfill your destiny, or perish.

hapy birthday king

Happy birthday sentry

thanks g dawg

happy birthday boy

Happy birthday, Sentry! :D

Happy birthday again Senrty!

happy birthday my g

Happy birthday Sentry! I hope you are having a good time.