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Posted by SentryTurbo - November 15th, 2019

Hello everyone, figured i might as well make one of those update news posts on my current situation.

Let's start off with the part that people actually care about, animation. Well, recently i haven't had the same spark of creativity and inspiration as i did wayy back in the days. With more and more stuff that i learn over time (game development and music production), the less time i have for each darn hobby. That means that i haven't really been animating that much. Don't be afraid, I'm not quitting or anything - certainly not, I'm just going to take a while longer to generate madness shit for your watching needs. In terms of planned projects, currently i have 2 that are in progress, one is a side project and the other is my Madness Day movie. Considering my current efforts, I am unsure if I can deliver this beast on Madness Day, but there's still quite some time left and a lot of hope under my belt. That's pretty much all i can say about animation shit.

Alright, fun part's over, here comes all the rest.

As you might have already seen, i have posted my latest album, Tone Nodes 'N' Notes, on Spotify. This is quite an exciting and major event in my producing journey, I can now experiment more with it and perhaps post my past albums on this platform as well. Unfortunately, the reception and ''views'' on my Spotify thing aren't all that large, but i don't really care about that. Speaking of music, i've been wanting to buy a guitar, for practice. I have absolutely no clue if i'll buy one and never play it in my entire life, but it would be cool to experiment around and make a few tracks with that beautiful instrument. I've also been thinking of doing a lot more Hardbass music, cuz the genre is cool. In terms of albums, there are none in progress and none are planned.

Here's the even more boring part - my LIFE.

If you've read my older posts, you might've noticed that i have chosen to learn in a technical school aka a polytechnic to become a professional programming technician. Well, that's exactly what has happened - I got the course that i wanted and now i am learning... stuff. The new school is pretty alright, the teachers are mostly nice, course-mates are pretty cool dudes, but the lessons can get pretty damn boring and business days are very tiring and shit, meaning that, after coming back from school, i don't want to do jack shit and just sit away staring at the computer doing nothing productive. It sucks pretty bad, but it's a mandatory thing and there's nothing much that i can do about it.

That's just about it, thank You for reading. Eat your greens and don't forget to have protected sex.



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