still not dead

2018-01-17 14:39:21 by SentryTurbo

lmao lol xd rofl fucking hell lol XDDDDD im not dead yet unfortunately

i got plans for shit and i have to study as much as i jack off so i'll be a lot more busy than always but i will still try to entertain you fagots out there

anyways what about my next anianiinmatnition, well, its in the most early stage possible, i do have an idea in my mind, but i have no fufckking idea how to realize that into reality so i'll probably ditch that shit and make something else instead.

hueheheuhueheuheu bye


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2018-01-17 15:08:33

What 'bout the fleshlight halloween guy project?

SentryTurbo responds:

oh yeah, i think i can start making that.


2018-01-17 16:35:26

Help me with le Neutralization 2!!!!